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    SuperTrace Probe仿真器是美国Green Hills软件公司针对嵌入式系统调试工具之一,它能很好地与MULTI IDE无缝集成,是一套对处理器的调试和分析的跟踪工具,为开发者在开发高性能、实时嵌入系统中调试特殊问题时提供先进的可视化手段。这些实时的可视的详 细信息可用来查找复杂的、断断续续的问题所在,也可以用来在系统优化中分析、展现和调整应用。SuperTrace Probe仿真器是一个先进,实时,具有跟踪功能的在线调试器,集调试,测试和验证的高端应用于一身。


    Captures up to 4 GB of trace data, enabling analysis of hundreds of millions of instructions\
    Collects trace data at core clock rates up to 1.2 GHz and trace port speeds over 300 MHz
    Supports processors with and without built-in trace ports
    Tight integration with TimeMachine Debugging Suite
    Offers sophisticated analysis tools for quickly locating key execution points in large datasets
    Virtual memory-aware for tracing INTEGRITY-based applications



    ARM7™, ARM9™, ARM11™ with ETM, Cortex™-M3, Cortex™-R4, Cortex™-A8, and Cortex™-A9

    \PowerPC™ 405 and 440
    Freescale™ MAC71xx family (ARM)
    Freescale™ Power Architecture™ MPC55xx/56xx.57xx and PX families
    Freescale™ i.MX (ARM)
    Freescale™ ColdFire® MCF52xx/53xx/54xx families
    TI OMAP™1/2/3/4 (ARM)
    Toshiba TX49xx family


    Trace Memory and Timing

    4 GB (higher capacities available)
    7.5 ns timestamp
    10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet
    USB 2.0 High-Speed
    Trigger In/Out
    SMB in: 50 Ohm,average 50 ns delay,0 - 15 Volts
    SMB out: 1 kOhm,average 50 ns delay, 0 - 3.3 Volts
    JTAG Debug Port
    JTAG clock: 2 kHz – 120 MHz
    JTAG logic levels (Volts): 3.3、 2.5、1.8、1.3
    Size and Weight
    Width: 7.5 inches
    Depth: 7.25 inches
    Height: 2.5 inches
    3.75 pounds
    0-50° C
    up to 85% non-condensing humidity
    FCC Class A
    EN 61326-1:2006