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    DoubleCheck Static Analysis Tool是美国Green Hills软件公司的MULTI IDE的调试套件工具之一,是一款通过对C/C++代 码的整体分析,可以发现代码中复杂的编程错误,这些错误会导致系统崩溃、内存冲突以及其他严重的问题,整个分析过程它可以自动化地执行测试、评估测试结果 并生成测试报告。套件工具的优势是可以提前发现程序隐藏错误,提高代码质量,节省测试时间,并提供编码规则检查,规范软件人员的编码行为。

    DoubleCheck Static Analysis Tool工具分析对象包括
    • Potential NULL pointer dereferences
    • Access beyond an allocated area (e.g. array or dynamically allocated buffer);
    • otherwise known as a buffer overflow
    • Potential writes to read-only memory
    • Reads of potentially uninitialized objects
    • Resource leaks (e.g. memory leaks and file descriptor leaks)
    • Use of memory that has already been deallocated
    • Out of scope memory usage (e.g. returning the address of an automatic variable from a subroutine)
    • Failure to set a return value from a subroutine
    • Buffer and array underflows
    The analyzer understands the behavior of many standard runtime library functions. For example it knows that subroutines like free should be passed pointers to memory allocated by subroutines like malloc. The analyzer uses this information to detect errors in code that calls or uses the result of a call to these functions.c