• Vectorcast嵌入式软件测试方案
  • 解决方案简述

    北京帛维紫通科技发展有限公司与合作伙伴Validated Software Corporation (VSC)公司,共同为寻求嵌入式产品安全认证的科研院所、航天、航空、船舶、汽车等行业客户提供相应的安全认证解决方案,方案主要包含安全认证套件、模 板、测试、开发、咨询、培训和指导服务。方案支持的行业及标准

    医疗–FDA/CDRH 510(k), IEC 62304, IEC 60601, ISO 14971
    航空–DO-178C and DO-178B / DO-278 ▪ EUROCAE ED-12C / ED-109A
    运输–CENELEC EN50128, 49CFR236, IEC-61508
    工业–IEC-61508, and others


    \Validation Suites™ are part COTS and part custom – delivered 100% complete, submission ready and running on your target hardware – ready in weeks, not months.
    \Validation Kits™ are RTOS, middleware, market, and standard ready. For those who prefer to test at their own facility, Validation Kits provide everything needed to certify the core aspects of the RTOS component.
    \Validation Templates™ are for those new to the certification process looking to implement a proven, practical, and affordable approach to device certification – get it right the first time!

    处理器 工具
    l ARM7, ARM9, ARM11
    l ARM Cortex - A, R, M cores
    l Coldfire v1, v2, v3, v4
    l PPC/MPC
    l X86 Protected Mode
    l Analog Devices Blackfin
    l TI DSPs
    l AVR32
    l Renesas R32/M16
    l Most other 32-bit architectures
    l GNU, GCC
    l IAR Embedded Workbench
    l Visual Studio
    l TI Code Composer
    l Paradigm
    l GHS Multi
    l Wind River Compiler
    l Renesas, IAR, GNU
    l Keil uVision
    l Most common compilers


    Testing and Strategies Development
    l Verification independence
    l Application software
    l Test planning & strategy
    l Board bring up firmware
    l Goals, schedules, plan l Driver development
    l Risk assessment & mitigation l Custom porting
    l Metrics & measurement l Deeply embedded safety-critical
    l Post mortem reporting  
    l Test design & creation  
    l Unit/White box  
    l Code coverage  
    l Structural analysis  
    l Integration/Black box  
    l Final acceptance  
    l Testing Scope  
    l Application software  
    l Drivers & firmware  
    l Complete device  
    l Tool qualification  
    l Plans & testing  
    l Compiler  
    l "C" lib validation