• Imagix 4D 嵌入式代码静态分析工具
  • Imagix 4D

    Reverse Engineer and Analyze Your Source Code

    Imagix 4D is a tool to understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy source code in C, C++ and Java. Imagix 4D automates the analysis of control flow and dependencies. It detects problems in data usage and task interactions. With Imagix 4D you increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce risk.

    Source Code Checks

    Reverse engineering and visualization of software helps you to understand your source code. It supports you with learning unfamiliar code, changing Impact Analysis, integrating Open Source code, reusing code, and maintaining Legacy Software.   > further information

    Static Analysis & Metrics

    Software metrics help to increase your code quality. They improve the verification of Real-Time Flow, prepare Code Reviews, assesses 3rd Party Code, and track the development progress.
    Imagix 4D shows over 100 metrics, including McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity, McCabe Essential Complexity, Halstead complexity, Maintainability Index (Welker), Class Cohesion (Hitz/Mont.), Class Coupling, Chidamber and Kemerer object oriented metrics, Comment Ratio, Decision Depth, Knots (Woodward, etc), number of statements and lines etc.  

    Delta Analysis

    The structural differences between source code versions and branches are shown by graphs and reports, enabling a meaningful analysis of changes in your software. The Delta Analysis focuses on Test Case Development, Change Impact Review, Software Customization, and Project Management.  

    Code Review

    Various initiatives specify sets of rules, proscribing aspects of the structure, implementation or behavior of software, and providing a checklist against which to evaluate source code for conformance with the standard. Ongoing changes made to source code throughout the software lifecycle makes also code reviews necessary. At specific milestones during the development process, such as before source code check-in or before release of an update to manufacturing, rigorous review of software changes is an important contributor to software quality.
    Through its guided checklist reviews, Imagix 4D's Review tool reduces the overall effort for code reviews in several important ways:

    • Automates many of the steps in review process
    • Seamlessly integrates static analysis results with any necessary source analysis and visualization
    • Creates documentation and an audit trail automatically as part the process
    • Distributes effort among reviewers and developers, producing in a single, unified output
    • Facilitates review management, partitioning tasks and tracking progress as well as results

    Automated Documentation

    Imagix 4D generates software documents and graphs including UML Diagrams. This ensures accurate and informative design documents. Peer Code Reviews, Delivering Design Docs, Problem and Impact Reports, and Software Archiving is supported by Imagix 4D.  

    Visualization of Code Coverage measures by Testwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analyser

    The integration of Imagix 4D with Testwell CTC++ helps you in reviewing the test coverage data. Several layouts for viewing the program flow are available.